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Only Pay for Sent/Outgoing Messages:
Incoming messages are free and unlimited!

We Support U.S. and Canada from the same account:
Message out to all major U.S. and Canadian cell phone carriers. No additional charges!

No Hidden Fees:
We do not hide or charge any additional fees.

Very often, additional fees are hidden in the terms & conditions page. The most common in the text marketing industry is a fee for customer "STOP/Opt-Out/Complaint" messages. These hidden fees range from $25 to $100 per message and are added to your monthly bill. This can turn a $19 month plain into a $100+ per month. Not with us!

No Contracts, Cancel At Anytime:
With Text Nerds, you are not required to pre-pay 3 to 24 months or commit to a long term plan.

We only bill for the total messages you send out each month.

Every month your message count will be reset to zero and a counter displayed on your admin homepage will keep a running total of your messages sent.

At the end of each month, billing is based on the total number of messages send out:

Need additional keywords? Save $100's per month with the Text Nerds!

Unlimited Keywords, Contacts, and Groups:
No added charges for additional keywords, contacts, and groups! ALL other text marketing companies charge an additional monthly fee for each additional keyword.

By using the Text Nerds text marketing platform with unlimited keywords, you will save your business $100's per month!

An example from one of our clients, Century 21:

Let's use 100 homes, to make this easy.

100 homes would require 100 unique keywords.

ALL other text marketing companies charge an additional $10 to $25 per keyword, each month.

Your cost to have 100 keywords would range from $1000 to $2500 per month. That doesn't even include the message charges!

Your cost for the additional 100 keywords with us is $0. Feel free to use an infinite number of keywords, no additional charge!