We are the ONLY text marketing company that has developed a program specifically designed for the PRI

With Text Nerds' you will be able to message your customers based on the following:

  • Vehicle: Message out updates specific to what your customer drives.
  • Location: Message a specific state/province or, group of states/provinces.
  • Keyword: Message out based on the keyword used to opt in.
  • All: Message all U.S. and Canadian customers as one group.


Auto Response


  • After a customer initially messages in, an auto response is instantly sent back to their phone.
  • You can make this anything you would like! The example shown will get your customers to message back, the "make and model", vehicle they own.
  • Our system will capture this information and create files based on your customers “make and model”.
  • With the files our system will create, you will have the ability to message out specials and product updates specific to the customer’s vehicle "make and model".