Text Management for Realtors

Instantly text message your potential home buyers with time-sensitive updates.

When you send SMS updates to your clients, they will receive it in seconds, no matter where they are or, what they are doing!

Place a different keyword along with your text number in all your advertisements and home locations.


A great use of Unlimited Keywords!

  • Use a different keyword for each house.
  • You choose all keywords.
  • Perspective buyer drives by your listed home and messages in to receive instant information!
  • Your information will be received before he or she pulls away from the home in which they messaged in about!

Our system will capture information from everyone that messages into your account so, you will be able to call them in reference to the property.

Once logged in, click on show messages to view a list of all the potential buyers that messaged in. It will display their phone number, city, state, date, and time that each person messaged in at.
  • Individual Message: Call or send a text any individual buyers number
  • Keyword specific message: Message everyone that was interested in Home2
  • Send to All Message: Instantly message your entire customer base